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I love to read books and would like for others to know what I thought about the books I have read.

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How It Went Down - Kekla Magoon

I found this book very interesting. It was intriguing to see one incident from everyone else's point of view. It is crazy how words can get mixed up and mistaken for someone saying something entirely different. Also, it's a shock to realize how people react before they actually know what is happening. The book mainly relates to the Trayvon Martin shooting.

In this book Tariq Johnson, a black teenager, is shot by Jack, a white adult. Tariq's point of view is never shown because (of course) he is dead. It was a shocker to me that Jack's point of view was not voiced in the book. All that was said of him was a few things he said to his friend, Tom Arlen, and what Tom Arlen thought of Jack. We never really get to know what was going through Jack's mind when he shot Tariq, all we and the characters in this book can do is make up our own speculations.

Speculations, however, seems to be what leads Tariq to his death. Everyone assumed certain things about Tariq. A shop owner calls after Tariq. Another guy assumes that Tariq has stolen from the store, while also assuming he is a part of gang because of his attire and interaction with one of the gang members. The guy tries to stop Tariq, in which makes the gang members surround the two thinking they are going to fight. In turn, this makes Jack think that they are trying to jump the white guy. So, he shots Tariq.

This book shows how confusing it can be trying to figure out what actually happened at an incident, especially when one person dies at the incident. Assumptions takes this story through twists and turns as people try to figure out what type of person Tariq really was.

I found it astonishing that no one really considered what type of person Jack could be. The main question that I had through the whole novel was, "Does the type of person you are, really justify your death?" This in turn made me think of so many other topics like the death penalty.

I would recommend this book to anyone. It's been a long time since a book has made me think of something that is actually a question that has no right or wrong answer because the answer depends on the person. Just the same, how people describe you when you're not around depends more on they're feelings towards you than anything you may or may have not done.